Nassam Aalayna El Hawa Lyrics

Nassam Alayna El-Hawa نسم علينا الهوا

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Nassam Alayna El-Hawa is a very famous song of Lebanese legendary singer Fairouz, composed by Rahbani Brothers.  This is a new transcribed version available on, with all the parts of the song being carefully written.  It’s a new version transcribed on Kurd A (Old version available here was on Kurd G).  Lyrics in Arabic and transliteration to English are also included in the sheet music file.  Enjoy it!

Please keep in mind that this sheet music is available for free for a limited time only! It’s also available in the store on this very website for free for a limited time. The sheet music will be taken off the Free Sheet Music page in the near future.

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