Arabic Musical Scores e-Book – Arabic Sheet Music Book

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Arabic Musical Scores (e-Book)

More than 50 Arabic Sheet music in one book! with 7 lists of the Arabic Maqamat
Author: Wassim Noujeim
Publisher: Farid El Atrache Publishing
Size: 215mmx280mm It’s now an eBook!
Pages: 97
ISBN: 0-9687279-0-5
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Arabic sheet music of more than 50 Arabic traditional songs.



Faultless Sheet Music of 50 popular Arabic Songs in one Book!
– Including 7 lists of more than 34 Arabic Maqam (Arabic music modes)

– Sheet music of songs by many famous Arab composers: Farid El Atrache, M. Abdel Wahab, Rahbani Brothers, Wadih Al-Safi, Sayid Darweesh, Karem Mahmood, Sayid Makkawy, Zakariya Ahmad, Ziad Rahbani and more (+ Folk songs, Muwashahat Andalusiya, Qudood Halabiya)…
– The musical scores are arranged and placed in seven different chapters, each featuring one of the seven main maqamat (Arabic modes), the maqamat that derive from it, and its related songs.

– Some of this book’s songs are: Nihna Wil Amar Jeeran, Kan Agmal Yom, Ya Zahratan Fi Khayali, Tallou Hbabna, Biktub Ismak Ya Habeebi, Ya Habeebi Taala, Albi Wu Mouftahoo, Samra Ya Samra, Adi el-Rabih, Hikayit el-Omri Kulluh, Al-Nahr Al Khaled, El Hilwa Di, Shatti Ya Diniyi, Qadduka el-Mayyas, Ma Alli Wi Oultilu, Ana Fi Intizarak, Zarani el-Mahboob, Leyla, Hawa el-Widyan, Eshtaetillak, Noura Noura, Hilwit Lubnan, Al Laylu Ya Layla, Ahbabena Ya Ein, Leilti Mbareh, Eyni Bitriff, Ennabi, and more….
Arabic Musical Scores – List of Arabic Maqamat – Table of Contents

– Halalala Layya (Sayid Darweesh) – Amara Ya Amara (Rahbani Brothers) – Telaet Ya Mahla Norha (Sayid Darweesh) – Ya Ghzayel (Folk song) – Zorouni (Sayid Darweesh) – Taleaa Min Beit Abooha (Sayid Darweesh) – Kan Agmal Yom (M. Abdel Wahab)

– Nihna Wil Amar Jeeran (Rahbani Brothers/Fairouz) – Ya Zahratan Fi Khayali (Farid El Atrache) – Tallou Hbabna (Zaki Nassif) – Biktub Ismak Ya Habeebi (Rahbani Brothers/Fairouz) – Ya Habeebi Taala (Medhat Assem/Asmahan) – Albi Wu Mouftahoo (Farid El Atrache) – Samra Ya Samra (Karem Mahmoud) – Lamma Bada Yatathanna – (Muwashah Andalusi)

– Adi el-Rabih (Farid El Atrache) – Hikayit el-Omri Kulluh (Farid El Atrache) – Al-Nahr Al Khaled (M. Abdel Wahab) – Adaysh Kan Fi Nass (Ziad Rahbani/Fairouz) – Nassam Alayna El-Hawa (Rahbani Brothers/Fairouz)

– El Hilwa Di (Sayid Darweesh) – Shatti Ya Diniyi (Rahbani Brothers/Fairouz) – Qadduka el-Mayyas (Muwashah) – Ma Alli Wi Oultilu (Farid El Atrache) – Ana Fi Intizarak (Zakariya Ahmad/Um kulthoom) – Zarani el-Mahboob (Muwashah Andalusi) – Leyla (Farid El Atrache)

– Ala Daleoona (Folk song) – Ah Ya Asmar el-Lon (Folk song) – Ya Ein Moulayitein (Folk song) – Hawa el-Widyan (Wadih Al-Safi) – Eshtaetillak (Farid El Atrache) – Noura Noura (Farid El Atrache) – Hilwit Lubnan (Farid El Atrache/Sabah) – Al Laylu Ya Layla (Wadih Al-Safi) – Ahbabena Ya Ein (Farid El Atrache) – Ya Meejana (Folk song) – Skaba (Folk song) – Layya Wu Layya – (Folk song)

– Ya Mal el-Sham (Qodood Halabiya) – Wel-Nabi Yamma (Qodood Halabiya) – Ya Shadi el-Alhan (Sayid Darweesh) – Ya Teira Teeri (Qodood Halabiya) – Malik Ya Helwa (Qodood Halabiya) – Ennabi (Karem Mahmoud)

– Marmar Zamani (Folk song) – El Hali Taabani Ya Layla (Ziad Rahbani/Fairouz/Joseph Sakr) – Leilti Mbareh (Sayed Makkawy) – Eyni Bitriff (Karem Mahmoud) – Ghazl El-Banat (M. Abdel Wahab)

7 reviews for Arabic Musical Scores e-Book – Arabic Sheet Music Book

  1. Richard

    I liked the way you put together the arabic maqams. It made my life easy studying each maqam with its songs.
    All I can say is Amazing!

  2. David

    Wassim, your new book is EXCELLENT. When I first read “Faultless sheet music” on your site, I thought it must be a way to promote the book. When I received my copy, I was
    really impressed with the quality of the sheet music.

  3. Carol

    When will you release Volume 2? Your book is very nice”.

  4. Abdullah

    Very well written scores. 3inabi, lelat mebare7, ana fintizark are excellent!!! Thank you

  5. A. Khoury

    Thank you for your reply, and the book is tremendous. The way it explains the Maqamat is really helpful. I would like to commend your skills at complying a great volume of classical and traditional songs. I really enjoy the Lebanese folk songs as well as the classical Egyptian ones, especially those of Farid el-Atrache. I will put this book to good use.

  6. John

    Notation is very clear and the inclusion of the scales is very helpful.

  7. Zeyad

    Wassim, your Arabic Musical Scores book is “wassim” reading it in Arabic :). It is the most well written Arabic Musical Scores I have ever seen. Some of the books I have have some serious errors in them. I would love to see more of your books. Please, let me know if you have more Arabic musical scores. – S. Zeyad

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