Taa Ninsa – تعا ننسى – Melhem Barakat

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Sheet music of Melhem Barakat’s song “Taa Ninsa – تعا ننسى”


High quality sheet music of the late Lebanese composer and singer Melhem Barakat’s song “Taa Ninsa – تعا ننسى”.

النوتة الكاملة لأغنية “تعا ننسى” للموسيقار اللبناني الراحل ملحم بركات

4 pages of meticulously written sheet music of this gem by Melhem Barakat.  It’s a song based on maqam Huzam but the modulations in it to different other maqamat is pure genius.

The sheet music file also includes the lyrics in English lettering under the notation as well as the original Arabic lyrics at the end of the file.


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