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All the sheet music of the below songs were carefully written and include the instrumental and the vocal melodies both written on the same G staff. Please note that these sheetmusic files are not adapted for both hands on piano as they do not include both G and F staffs.

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Asmahan (1)
Classic Music (1)
Fairouz (6)
Farid El Atrash (11)
Folk Song (5)
Karem Mahmoud (3)
Kazem Al-Saher (2)
M. Abdel Wahab (4)
M. Abdel Wahab / Um Kalthoum (3)
Melhem Barakat (2)
Muwashah (3)
Qodoud Halabiya (4)
Salah Al-Sharnoubi (1)
Sayyid Darweesh (5)
Sayyid Makkawi (1)
Soad Mohammad (1)
Um Kulthoum (1)
Wadih El Safi (11)
Wael Kfoury (3)
Zaki Nassif (1)
Ziad Rahbani (1)

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