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Free sheet music of Wa Habibi وا حبيبي

Good Friday, which occurs on the Friday preceding Easter Sunday, is a religious holiday commemorating the passion, crucifixion and death of Jesus Christ. Many hymns and songs have been composed for this day, among them is the Lebanese song Wa Habibi which became famous by Fairouz.  Note: The melody itself is based on an old English religious hymn and was adapted for the Arabic lyrics.

This week is a Christian Holy week and Good Friday occurs this Friday. On this occasion, I offer you a meticulously written sheet music of Wa Habibi وا حبيبي. I transcribed it myself based on Fairouz’s studio recording of the song. (Note: In some of her live renditions, Fairouz sings it on C minor or B minor. D minor remains the most common).  I included the chords, the lyrics in Arabic as well as the transliteration and translation in English.  I also suggest in the sheet music the places where Fairouz does the vocal embellishments (Orab). Note: Orba عربــــــــة or Orab عـــرب in plural is a vocal embellishment done by the singer on one specific letter of the word that is being sung. It is an Arabic singing technique more or less similar to the runs and riffs but generally with much faster tempo and shorter intervals between the notes.

Please visit the Free Sheet Music page to download the file and listen to the song.



You may download it here

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Nous venons d’ajouter une page de partitions musicales pour nos lecteurs francophones

Nous venons d’ajouter une page en français de partitions musicales pour nos chers lecteurs francophones!  Veuillez consulter la page ci-dessous ou à partir du lien dans le menu de navigation.

Partitions de musique Arabes


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Free Arabic Sheet Music Page Updated!

We have just added more audio files to our free Arabic sheet music page.  Now you may listen to the audio file of the song or instrumental music while downloading and reading its relative sheet music file.

We will be adding more material to that page in the very near future.  So stay tuned and keep visiting the page!

Free Sheet Music

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A presentation of Arabic Musical Scores Book in video

Arabic Musical Scores Book Video Presentation

Here’s a nice video presentation of the hard copy (printed version) of the Arabic Musical Scores Book.  This video goes through the different chapters and pages of the book and gives you a view from inside.

The book is now available only in digital format as an e-Book and can be downloaded instantly upon purchase.

Visit the book page to get your copy now.


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We just added Kahramana as a free sheet music

You can noKahramanaw download the sheet music for Kahramana, a beautiful belly dance music by Farid El Atrache.

We also attached the audio file to it, so you may listen to the music while reading the notation.  Enjoy!




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Arabic Musical Scores e-Book is on Sale!

Arabic music scores - Sheet music

We have just dropped the price for the Arabic Musical Scores e-Book for a very limited time!  

Arabic Musical Scores Book - Scores for 50 Classical Arabic Songs - MaqamatIt’s now $15 only, instead of $40.  Hurry up and buy your copy!  This special is for a very limited time!

You will be able to download your copy in pdf format right after you place your order!

More than 50 sheet music for famous Arabic songs in one book!  All carefully written.  The book also includes a list of the Arabic maqamat.

Arabic Musical Scores e-Book

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Sheet music files are now on Sale!

Many of our sheet music files are now on Sale and some are even available for FREE for a short period of time!

Don’t forget to visit our Buy Sheet music page for more quality Musical Scores!